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I am at a crossroads in my career. What is my next professional step? Continue my current career with new energy? Pursue a different direction?

Let me guide you through a series of supportive yet challenging coaching conversations to:

  • Reflect on who you are and what you truly want;

  • Discover your strengths, hidden talents and transferable skills;

  • Realize what is withholding you and why;

  • Define your future direction, develop your personal action plan and start executing it with confidence;

  • Assessment tools can be part of the program.


When I started my coaching sessions with Performance By People I was on a crossroad in my career. While seeking a high achieving profession there was always the battle of maintaining a proper work-life- balance. With her genuine interest in people Aleida provided me with spot-on observations. Her non-judgemental coaching methods triggered me to explore my true talent and inspiration.


With her guidance I was able to define my goals and develop a solid step-by- step action plan how to get there. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, I now had no more reason to procrastinate. Moreover, there is this absolute excitement that comes from finishing up a session and getting out there making it happen. Fast forward 6 months I have landed an exciting new job that leaves me with time for the gym, hobbies, volunteering and time for family and friends. Coaching to me has resulted in the astonishing feeling of things falling into place. I would recommend it to anybody regardless of what stage of life you are in.


Charlotte Gorissen Operations Manager


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