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Organizational development is the leading concern for most non-profits. The focus in my way of working: giving clarity on how to execute a  plan for the future, adding structure and providing accountability in addition to fostering teamwork.



Could your organization benefit from an assessment of its professional assets?


Has a program or departments been suffering from low attendance or lackluster results?


The most important change we can help you create is one that is sustainable.

Aleida took over the leadership of the Windows on the Workplace (WOW) group

for the American Women’s Association of Hong Kong at the beginning of 2012 and headed the group through 2013. Aleida was very successful in her role, from vastly improving the quality and variety of the programming to providing insight

to any wider issues the organization experienced.


People very much enjoyed working with Aleida since she is an inspiring motivator

of people, always positive with a “can do” attitude and someone who is able to

give clear direction and leave others to execute the details but is there to

discuss any issues that may come up. Under Aleida’s leadership, WOW became

a very important group under the AWA umbrella and attracted many people

to continue with and renew their membership in AWA.  


Eileen Glynn

President 2012-2013

American Women's Association of Hong Kong

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