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Maximizing impact in a leadership role

Every executive coaching engagement starts with a meeting with you and your senior manager to have shared clarity and commitment on the coaching goals and expectations.  A coaching contract will be part of the collaboration and mid-term and end-point evaluations on progress and effectiveness.

It goes without saying that I am fully committed to the professional and ethical guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Your senior manager or executive will be guided through a series of supportive yet challenging coaching conversations to:

  • gain insight and develop personal management style to have impact on others;

  • build confidence in fulfilling expectations of self and the company, leading to balanced and effective leadership;

  • advance communication and delegation skills for effective team management;

  • strengthen strategic thinking and successfully manage priorities to deliver results.

  • Assessment tools can be part of the program.


A rollercoaster ride with a destination and a positive spin!


The coaching sessions with Aleida were undertaken during a very turbulent period in my working life. The goals, objectives and the purpose of the session set at the onset often had to compete with the need to address the reality of the day. Aleida, however, was a master in balancing both; she enabled me to keep the focus on the bigger picture, allowing to assess the significance of different aspects in life and commit to endeavor change, while at the same time being supportive and offering pragmatic tools to cope with the dynamics of the current events.


Consequently, the program wasn’t an isolated exercise but thoroughly and effectively imbedded in what was actually going on and provided a bridge to new insights and an understanding of current and potential strengths. The sessions and the positive fashion in which they were conducted flowed like a well-balanced conversation. Questions seem to be coming from a place of genuine interest; there was room for humor without, at any point, allowing the conversation to be bogged down to the level of chatting or banter.

CEO of Fund Management Company 

(Hong Kong)

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