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Creating programs which benefit both the participant and organization is a hi-wire act for non-profits. Let me support you with a pragmatic approach to provide your organization with sustainable solutions.


Key steps in NPO work:

  • Analyze the needs of the stakeholders

  • Create a professional program meeting these needs using planning tools

  • Communication

  • Team management

  • Evaluate activities for continuous improvement and input for future activities

  • Managing expectations: keep everyone in the loop

The result: the creation of a dynamic, long-lasting program for all stakeholders from the Board to the service users. 


Aleida took over the leadership of the Windows on the Workplace (WOW) for the American Women’s Association in Hong Kong at the beginning of 2012 and headed the group through 2013. WOW was founded to help newcomers to Hong Kong develop a job search strategy and provide support for those who chose to pursue other opportunities to further develop themselves personally and professionally. However, since it's inception it was failing to find a foothold in the membership until Aleida raised the bar with her leadership and innovative ideas. With her guidance WOW saw: vastly improved the quality and variety of the programming; the speakers and quality of the events was very high; increase of attendees from 5-10 per event in the previous year to 30-70 people, depending on the topic.

Under Aleida’s leadership, WOW became a very important group/activity under the AWA umbrella and attracted many people to continue with and renew their membership in AWA.

Eileen Glynn,

President 2012-2013

American Women's Association of Hong Kong

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