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Looking through the lens of Procurement for better Sales perspectives


Are you and your team winning at negotiations?


This workshop introduces insights into customers’ perspectives and trains your teams in practical exercises based on real business cases. The result is to amply prepare you and your team for successful negotiations with international counterparts.


The training includes:

  • Procurement: The basics for Sales

  • Negotiation strategies 

  • Tools for preparation

  • The impact of Culture in business and cultural negotiation factors

  • Real business cases for practical exercises


In my previous role within BASF I was the regional head of our Nutrition business and had the opportunity to meet Aleida from Performance by People Ltd. and experience the workshop on "Procurement Perspectives" at our sales meeting in March 2015. 


Aleida with her experience, insights and way of connecting to the audience ensured that the workshop was highly effective and appreciated by all the participants. My team could relate the contents to their daily life and develop a better understanding of some of their past experiences. Insights to the preparation techniques used within the global procurement function was highly useful for my team as it gave us ideas as to how to prepare ourselves for future dialogues and interactions. The half day that we allocated to the workshop could easily have been a full day and would have been of high value.

In summary, I highly recommend the procurement perspectives workshop conducted by Aleida for sales and marketing teams. In addition, procurement professionals who are at the early stage of their careers would definitely benefit from a deeper insight into professional techniques deployed in international procurement teams of multi-national corporations.

Narayan Krishnamohan
Senior Vice President,

BASF RBU Intermediates Asia Pacific

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