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Managing multi cultural teams takes knowledge, skills and practice. Let me support you to develop the cross cultural competences to create the collaboration and results you need.


This training is for executives, leading cross-cultural and virtual teams in Asia and includes:

  • Eastern and Western culture: a closer look at above and below the waterline

  • Is what you see what you get? Navigating the cultural cues in business

  • Key elements of communication: failure and success in context

  • Bridging the distance: virtual team management

  • Real business cases: practical tools and exercises to build confidence


Aleida Mienstra is an experienced professional with a humanistic and warm nature. 

People gravitate to Aleida and value her Coaching and Career Services provided by her company - Performance by People.  We have worked together over the last few years in many Cross Cultural Trainings.  Her knowledge of cultures, and business operations plus engaging personality provide the clients with a meaningful experience. 

I so enjoy working with Aleida - she is a Treasure Piece.

Lesley Lewis

Founder and Author

Culture3Counsel (Hong Kong/US/Canada)

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